1.000€ awarded to the Best Poster



Guidelines for the Scientific Award








Article 1 :

An award of 2.500€ is offered by « The Boël Foundation ».

Article 2 :

This prize will be awarded to the best oral communication given by a researcher during the « Belgian Week of Pathology ».

The topic of the presentation will need to address research in oncology.

Article 3 :

The candidate must have a university degree and not be over 40 years old.

Article 4 :       

The prize will be awarded after evaluation of a jury under the presidency of Prof. Pieter Demetter. The members are : Professors John-Paul Bogers, Claire Bourgain, Claude Cuvelier and Nicky D'Haene. 

Article 5 :

All the questions risen by the selection of the candidate and the award of the prize will be answered exclusively by the « Yvonne Boël Foundation ».

Article 6 :

The « Yvonne Boël Foundation », will be allowed to publish the abstract with the prior agreement of the winner and to mention the author’s information.

Article 7 :

The Winner will be obliged to mention « Winner of Yvonne Boël’s Prize » in all publications regarding this research and to specify the scientific field.