The Clinical Autopsy

Learning to Understand the Language of the Dead

A course to travel to the deepest parts of our bodies and learn more about the principal diseases and causes of death


This MOOC is about the clinical autopsy and learning to understand the language of the dead. It is a course conducted by professors at the University of Oviedo and by pathologists at the Central University Hospital of Asturias who believe that awareness on the importance of the post-mortem study of bodies as a current diagnostic tool should be a priority for our society. Thus, this course aims to sensitize students to investigate the main causes of death through the clinical autopsy and improving the quality of care by reducing the number of errors. We will also focus on performing autopsies in risk situations such as prions, HIV or COVID-19 infected patients, paying special attention in safety measures for the professionals involved. In this course you will learn many theoretical aspects related to the autopsy: History, types, techniques, risks, lethal diseases, neuropathology, and many more things.
8 June to 12 July 2020 Add to calendar
Virtual course

Practical information


This MOOC course lasts 5 weeks and it is divided into 5 units as follows:

  • Week 1. Fundamentals of the Clinical Autopsy.
  • Week 2. Materials and Methods.
  • Week 3. Autopsies and Risk (COVID-19).
  • Week 4. Main Fatal Injuries.
  • Week 5. Neuropathological Autopsies.

The course contains more than 150 minutes of videos (1 video-presentation, 5 video-guides, 5 video-lessons and 10 video-materials), 50 preliminary questions, 15 optional activities, several forums and 5 evaluation tests. Besides, following the guidelines promoted by the University of Oviedo on accessibility to resources, all videos have been subtitled and all transcripts can be accessed in English. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the working environment at the UnioviX platform and share any question or doubt that you may have in the forums.