BSP BOARD 2019 - 2022
Call for Candidates
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According the bylaws of the BSP, half of the board has to be renewed every 2 years. 
Board Member positions will become vacant.

The board consists of a president, a vice-president, two secretaries (French-speaking and Dutch-speaking), a treasurer, a past-president, a cytotechnologist’s representative and usual board members.  Two members of each working group (one as effective member the other as alternate member) are invited to the board meetings without voting rights.

The BSP board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the society. The board members meet about every ten weeks to discuss the association’s affairs, to make decisions on the organisation of the Belgian Week of Pathology and the working groups

Interested to join the board for the following 4 years?  

Complete the candidacy form and submit it before 1st  September 2019
Only nominations coming from BSP effective members who have settled their 2019 membership fee will be considered. 
The new board will be elected at the General Assembly of the BSP during the Belgian Week of Pathology held on Saturday 19 October in Brussels.

We look forward to welcoming new and dynamic members ready to contribute to the BSP BOARD.

Board members appointed for 4 years in 2017:  Karl Dhaene – Ann Driessen – Ramses Forsyth – Joan Somja – Miet Vanherck remain in the new board.