Past events

Masterclass Haematopathology for senior trainees

5 interactive sessions

The haematopathology working group of the Belgian Society of Pathology is organizing a masterclass in haematopathology for senior trainees (4-5th year of training).

This module of 5 interactive courses is moderated by different experts and will focus on different topics in haematopathology.

The meetings will take place online from  18:30 till 20:00



Monday 02/10/2023 | 18:30 - 20:00     
Small B-cell lymphomas  

Dr. P. De Paepe  - Dr. T. Steelandt

Monday 04/12/2023              
Aggressive B-cell Lymphomas            

Prof. Dr. A. Dendooven - Dr. P. De Paepe

Hodgkin lymphomas    

Dr. F. Dedeurwaerdere |  Prof. Dr. A. Dendooven |  Dr. S. Verschuere

Thursday 21/3/2024            
T-cell lymphomas                              

Dr. K. Cokelaere |   Dr. J. Somja

Tuesday 28/05/2024                         
HHV8/EBV LPD                                  

Prof. Dr. T. Tousseyn |  Dr. P. Collins

2 October 2023

Practical information

The Masterclass is full..

The participants receive a suggested reading and/or webinar list to allow them to prepare for the sessions. Every participant is encouraged to send in a challenging case that will be discussed during the session.  The H&E slides will be shared in advance and the participants are asked to fill in a form per case with differential diagnosis, ancillary testing, specific questions or difficulties etc. The forms must be returned before the session. Each case will be discussed interactively.

A certificate will be given after completion of the entire module (5 sessions).