Neuropathology cases of the month June

The next  BSP working group meeting of the BSP Neuropathology Working Group will go thru on

TIME: June 20th; 2024 from 5-6 pm.



  1. Neuro-oncology: a spinal lesion (A. Sieben)
  2. Neuro-oncology: Glioneuronal tumor with a specific fusion in a 13-year-old boy (M. Ahmed)
  3. Neuro-oncology: A case of FGFR3-TACC3 glioma (L. Lebrun)
  4. Neuro-oncology: Glioblastoma with extraordinary morphology in a 70-year-old man (M. Ahmed)
  5. Neurodegeneration: Retinal tauopathy in a 83-year-old man with a uveal melanoma (D. Thal).

Accreditation is requested.

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Practical information

TIME: June 20th; 2024 from 5-6 pm.


This meeting is open for all members of BSP.

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